change of plans…i’m home now :)

so here i sit, back in my house, back on the floor of the bathroom at night while everyone else is in bed…..i still don’t really know why i always end up in here to write or read or pray at night….instead of somewhere comfortable like the couch downstairs…i think i feel like i’m closer to being ready to jump into bed if i’m in the bathroom where i could theoretically be brushing my teeth or something :)

last day of class. i still swear studio lighting is of the devil. mandy tells me i will not always feel this way. i’m not sure i believe her yet ;) i looked so horribly tired this morning that i made kristen and joel promise that the practice portraits they took of me would not end up on the internet. anywhere. ever. yes, it was that bad.

photo retouching — sooooo much freaking fun. i LOVE photoshop….too bad i don’t have $700 laying around….

class ended around 4. it is crazy what a week can do to strangers. i said goodbye to some really good friends today. Mandy, Rowan, Kristen and I were the only ones sticking around till Saturday, so we decided to head to Fredericksburg for some volleyball at the Danahers. i packed up all my stuff and figured i’d get home from there somehow. changes of plans keep my life interesting.

so i got back to my world. and it was sweet times. i was so happy to see mandy, rowan and kristen join that world for a little while. for them to meet my sis and bro, who came to hang out and bring me back home…i was glad they got to see me in my natural habitat. after a long week, it was really nice to be in a home. a real home.

so then i got  back to MY home. jenn and i had a lot of catching up to do. hence the hour of this post. i think back and can’t believe how fast this week went by. i’m so grateful for every day. it was not just a good week. it was a crazy good week. like, i had so much fun. i can’t even believe it. i’m so glad God didn’t let me waste much time worrying about it. i’m so grateful i had you all behind me, praying for me. i know God heard those prayers. I know He answered in His wisdom and mercy.

life goes on from here. it doesn’t stop and wait for me to get enough sleep to feel human again. it doesn’t stop and wait for me to process the past before its time to live the present. i have alot i’m looking forward to in the next few weeks. a lot more craziness. a lot more chances to know Jesus better. and having walked through this past week without fear of the unknowns, i feel hope and peace about walking into whatever is ahead of me.

i’m really planning on getting all my pics up as soon as i can. that’ll probably happen next week. haha. maybe. while i’m packing for mexico and everything.

alright. i hope you all weren’t bored to death this week. blogging will probably cease for a while. i have a habit of doing that. but you never know….:)


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  1. 1

    Sarah D. said,

    I love you. And I’m grateful for you. And I’m soooooooooo happy that God gave you a good week to make up for last year’s not-so-good week. I knew it would be like this for you. I have no words to express how happy it makes me that God let it happen the way that He did.

    And it was incredibly good to have you at my house last night.

  2. 2

    William said,

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  3. 3

    linzcap said,

    wooooow. that is a BIG price difference. thanks :)

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